• Schedule
    Monday- Art and Drama
    Tuesday- Spanish and Library
    Wednesday- Music and Art
    Thursday - Spanish and Library
    Friday - PE
    *** children MUST be in a PE uniform in order to participate 
    Daily Routines
     The cafeteria stops serving breakfast at 8:15
    The children are picked up from the playground promptly at 8:15. 
    •  Children hang up their coats and book bags, the children take their folder out of their book bag and put it in the folder basket.  The children are still having a difficult time remembering to get their folder.  We are working on that by consistently reminding the children to get the folder before they come in the classroom. I'm sure they will be able to remember soon all on their own.
    • Reader to Self- children independently read to themselves using books chosen on Mondays
    • Message Time Plus - the children read as I write a message. When the message is done 3 children a day are chosen to find words, letters, and punctuation that they recognize.  
    • In the morning we have Language Arts- we read stories, practice writing, reading, and sight words.  
    • Centers-- Centers give the children a chance to work together and indepently
    • Math - this year we will be working on numbers to 100, adding and subtracting fluently within 5 
    • Science - in the beginning of the year we work on Materials in Our World, and the second half of the year we learn about animals  
    •  Social Studies - we are learning about our world, and our country