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    Lincoln Avenue School Chorus Elective
    Welcome to our choir information page! Concert dates will be posted when I know.
    My name is Mrs. Mir and I'm the choir director for all chorus elective classes. 
    If students want to learn how to sing, the Choir Elective is the right place to be. 
    What is needed: a pocket folder or a 3 ring binder and a pencil for every class. 
    Make sure you identy your folder:  Your name, and Music-Mir, D106
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    Please add some paper for notes or homework assignments! Thank you!
    In this class we will:
         1.  sing a wide variety of music, in a variety of languages.
         2.  perform rhythms composed of whole, half, dotted half, quarter, eighth,
              sixteenth notes and rests.
         3.  describe, critique and analyze music performances
         4.  evaluate their own music performances
         5.  learn how to sight read
         6.  learn basic theory and general music topics: composers, time periods, musical genres.
    1.  We will have approximately 3 homework assignments a marking period. Homework is graded.
    2.  Students must sign a performance/picture release form and contact sheet...please watch for that.
    3.  All students in the choir elective are expected to participate in our major concerts. Concerts are graded.
    What we grade in classStudents grades will be based on their ability to accomplish these skills during classtime.  They are posted on the wall, and we have discussed them in depth. Students will receive a 0 - 5 grade on their in class participation.
         1.  Pitch Accuracy
         2.  Rhythmic Accuracy
         3.  Style/Interpretation
         4.  Musicianship
         5.  Focus
         6.  Routines
    Choral/Performance Grading Rubric
    5=  Exceeds the Standards (you have mastered the skill and showed that you remember it).
    4=  Meets the Standards (You proved that you definitely understand this skill.)
    3=  Nearing the Standards (You definitely get it but you're tripping up on a few errors.) 
    2=  Below Standards  (You have an idea of what to do, but you still need a lot of work.)
    1=  Needs Improvement  (You tried the skill but it wasn't on the right track. Ask for help!)
    0=  You didn't try the skill at all.  Ask for help!
    All students are eligible to be in Vocal Club. Acceptance is by audition only, Grades 4-7. Auditions will occur mid September.
    More information will follow concerning day and time.
     Remember these dates: 
    Concert Dates for 2019-2020
    Winter Concert:  TBA
    Spring Concert:  TBA
    American Young Voices:  TBA
    High Note Festival:  TBA
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