• Library Media Arts @ Heywood Information Literacy Skills, Plus!



    Each student at Heywood Avenue School has one 45 minute Library class each week. The purpose of this class is varied. Students start off learning how to  select and be aware of the different types of books that  we have in our Collection. We start out discussing the basic difference between  Fiction and Non-Fiction and grow to understand all the different Genre found in our Growing School Collection.  Further, students develop note-taking, Bibliography writing and Research Skills. They also receive instruction on the proper use of Dictionaries, Encyclopedia’s, Almanacs and Databases, including SIRS, our District Database. All these skills fall under the heading of Information Literacy.


    With these skills, our goal is to have Heywood Students graduate with  a strong foundation of knowing how to Define  Tasks,  Examine alternate approaches to  getting Information, Locate sources and information within those sources, Use the information found, Synthesize the information found, and then Make judgments based on a set of predetermined criteria. This is also known as Big6 Skills.


    Finally, students have an opportunity to read a variety of periodicals during library, including magazines, newspapers, newsletters, as well as books, and on-line stories. Our sessions always provide the opportunity for students to select and check-out books. Circulation is fundamental. The Library collaborates closely with teachers (Homeroom and Specialists) to provide an integrated experience that is designed to increase comprehension of topics students are studying in class.


    You will find our Library Curriculum Map on the back that gives you an idea of the topics covered by grade level. This is tied in to the NJCCCS under Language Arts, Technology & Media Literacy and Social Studies. There is no specific NJCCCS for Information Literacy at this time. Library is a non-graded subject although credit is given on various skills to the Homeroom or Language Arts teachers.


    The Library also play a key role in supporting each student at their level in the selection of books for Reading Enjoyment and to help our students meet the 25 Book Campaign program. We run additional Literacy Challenges throughout the year to keep our students excited and exposed to a variety of Genre. Please look for the Family Book Club that is a collaboration with the PTA. This provides for a wonderful opportunity for families to read together and have fun with activities. 

    Please come by and join us.



Last Modified on September 24, 2009