Student Name:_____________________________


    Parent Name:______________________________


    Phone number:_____________________________


                            By signing this contract it is understood that:


    1)      Grades will be determined by playing and written tests, class work, participation, and concert attendance. I have seen and accept the grading rubric for this class.


    2)      Students will need to bring their instruments in every Monday, and take them home on Friday. Leaving an instrument at home or not taking it home on weekends will result in a lowered class participation grade. This may also affect performance on playing tests. If you have a second instrument at home this does not apply.


    3)      In order to perform in the concerts, students must attain a score of 80 or higher on the test for that piece.


    4)      Concerts are mandatory. If you know in advance you will not be performing, you MUST bring in a note prior to the concert. If there is an emergency the day or evening of the concert, the parent must provide a written explanation within one week’s time. No note = failing grade for that performance.


                                    I have read and agree with the above guidelines.


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