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    Frogs Only!
    Welcome to one of my favorite pages! As you know, I love Frogs! It started in college and has grown for over 15 years now. Family, friends, students, and parents have added to my frog collection over the years from stuffed animals, Frog chip clips, Frog staplers, Frog tissues, to Frog lollipops! "FROGS" stands for
    Friendly, Responsible, Organized, Growing Student.
    I am always learning something new in education and the world around us so I consider myself a FROG everyday! Are YOU a Frog too? I sure hope so! Below I have shared some of my favorite Frog websites. I certainly want to add more, however, I need some help! If YOU find a site that you would like me to post, just send me an email with the link and I will add it here! Remember that it must be educational and of course, have Frogs with it! Well, "hop" to it and click on a link below to learn something new! You will be so "hoppy" you "jumped" into these sites! ~Ribbit, Ribbit~ Mrs. Machuca
    Froggie Information! You'll leap with new knowledge about frogs!
    Exploratorium Click this site for so many Frog links! You'll be "hoppy" you did!
    A Thousand Friends of Frogs website will celebrate with you about the habitats and wonders of frogs.
    Frog Puzzle. How far can you go with this game before the frogs win?
    Save the Frogs with the right tense! Challenge your knowledge of past tenses in writing to jump your frog to the next lily pad or he may get eaten by a snake! Gulp!


Last Modified on January 3, 2012