p pawWelcome!
    “Why are there so many PAW prints?” asked a student one day as they walked around Heywood Avenue School.  I was happy to share with this student that the PAW prints represent that Heywood is a Positive Attitudes Work school.  When we exhibit positive attitudes it directly connects to positive actions!  By staying positive, it assists us with challenges and changes that inspire us to move beyond the comfort zone.

    Heywood Avenue School strives for high quality education and is rich in tradition and community involvement and I am proud to be part of this school.  As your Principal, I will do my best to maintain the essence that makes Heywood Avenue School shine and simultaneously, introduce new ideas and programs that are aimed at taking the school into the 21st Century.

    Our instructional practices are focused on providing explicit instruction in Language Arts Literacy through the guidance of a Balanced Literacy program for K-7 through the use of Journeys and Prentice Hall programs and Mathematics through the support of Singapore Math (K-5) and Connected Math (6-7) while engaging in cross-curricular integration of Social Studies, Science, and the Visual and Performing Arts. We strive to create an environment where each and every student is given the attention necessary to achieve his/her individual success.

    We provide After School tutoring support in Language Arts and Math for grades 1-7 three days a week and we also encourage students to attend the After School clubs that are available in Robotics, Debate, Yearbook, and Art to name a few.  We provide the students with a voice with a very active Student Council in grades 4-7 and they are provided with guidance and support from two very dedicated advisors.  Our Fine Arts program includes Vocal Music, Drama, Instrumental Music, and Art. 

    As the world becomes increasingly smaller with the use of technology, it is important for children to begin to appreciate and value the various cultures around us.  With that being said, Heywood is proud to provide the Mandarin language program and the Spanish language program.  All classrooms have SmartBoards and the use of Student Response Systems and Skyping are being added as additional teaching tools. 

    Heywood’s PTA is always keeping children first with a variety of programs and activities to bring families together.  Studies show that parental involvement in children’s education is vitally important and necessary.  Simply reading a book each night or reviewing homework makes an impact.

    The School Management Team (SMT), comprised of teachers, parents, students, administration, and paraprofessionals, provides the backbone of the vision, goals, instructional goal setting, data analysis focus, academic successes/challenges reviews, and the overall management of the school climate and culture in the best interest of the students.  All staff members are encouraged to participate on a sub-committee to have their expertise and experiences shared for the improvement of Heywood Avenue School.

    Each day, learning takes place not only for our students but for our staff as well. As we provide individualized instruction to attend to individual student needs, we learn what each student’s areas of strengths and weaknesses are and we research with our colleagues and through on-going staff development the best ways to address these areas. We are committed to demonstrating to our students that we are lifelong learners and know that instructional practices are enhanced when we seek further knowledge in the areas of teaching and apply them to our classrooms.

    We believe that we have a nurturing and supportive environment at Heywood Avenue School where we show respect towards all within our community. We showcase and highlight our students’ achievements and provide them with praise and positive reinforcement at every opportunity. The community and parents are welcome to work collaboratively with us and your suggestions are valued.

    Our goal is clear! We can and will provide an environment at Heywood Avenue School where teaching and learning is taking place and the outcomes of our efforts will be demonstrated in the success of students. I welcome you to take part in this effort.
    Wanting the Best for Your Child,
    Mrs. Machuca, Principal
Last Modified on July 20, 2014