Faculty Professional Development: Points to Ponder

  • That's GREAT! (But is it really?)

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 8/8/2014
    Great Saying GREAT just may not be all that great.  After all, what does it really let the person know?  It's nice to hear but does it push a person to do better?  Did it provide feedback that they could really use and appreciate? Sarah Brown Wessling (a high school English teacher in Johnston, Iowa) shares some practical and sensible ideas for alternatives for the word GREAT.  Provides some thought for that next portfolio review for sure!  What do you think?    Click here for the article.  You just might want to get your printer ready too!  It's a keeper!
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  • Catch and Release

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 8/4/2014
    baseball I got it!  I got it!  Yes...you probably do!  Do the students "got it" though?  Watch this Catch and Release strategy to provide guidance for students during small group activities.  They need to do the work and a little redirection might be in order to keep that focus in the right direction.  
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  • Student Discourse

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 7/31/2014
    Ahhh....Talk Moves!  We have heard about it for years!  Here is a 2 minute clip to emphasize the Talk Moves to increase student discourse thus affecting student engagement in the classroom.  Take a look and share some of your ideas as well.  What do you do to increase student discourse?  How do you get the students to communicate in your classroom and be engaged through the lesson?raise hand
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  • Student Engagement: The Wingman Concept

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 7/28/2014
    View the video clip regarding the Wingman Concept.  What are your thoughts about this concept?  How could this be implemented into the classroom to help your reluctant participants?
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  • Fist to Five Feedback

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 7/24/2014
    A minute teaching idea to gauge how the lesson went from the students' perspective.  Fist to Five Feeback.  What ideas do you have to get quick feedback from your students?  
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  • Student Engagement

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 7/20/2014
    What level best describes your current classroom dynamics?  Which level would be the next level to obtain to increase student achievement?  
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  • Differentiated Instruction

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 7/11/2014
    different Differentiated Instruction
    What are some ideas that you can take away from the various items posted on this website link?  How can the instructional design change your classroom dynamics and address the various learners in the classroom?  Click Here for the Differentiated Instruction articles.  
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  • Questions? Who has a Question?

    Posted by Karen Machuca on 6/28/2014
    question If we are not asking the right questions, surely we won't get the responses we are looking for.  As we approach the PARCC and continue to grow with the Common Core State Standards, it is essential to plan affectively and purposely the types of questions that are to be asked of students.  We need to dig deeper and stretch the cognitive thought process of students.  View the video presentations below for some Thoughts to Ponder and feel free to make comments below.
     Higher Order Questions
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