Healthy Habits 

        1.  New students - please make sure we have a recent physical and an updated and completed set of immunizations. If you do not have a doctor, I can share some names with you. I also have some resources if you do not have insurance.


    1. Parents, please try to ensure your children have breakfast every day. Eating a healthy breakfast will help students feel better, stay awake, and think more clearly. So, please try to have your children make it a habit to eat breakfast every day.


    1. Please also encourage your children to get a good night’s sleep. This is also critical to help stay healthy and work better in school. Please ask your children to turn off their phones at night to get a better, restful, and uninterrupted sleep.


    1. If you have a concern, or your children have a concern or they are trying to deal with something, please reach out to speak with someone at our school. We have our social workers, school counselors, and a family liaison whom you can trust to help or assist in getting a resource. For medical concerns, you can always contact me. Please remember there are always staff members at Orange Prep who care about you and your children.
    Mrs. Angela Margiotta, School Nurse
    973-677-4135 ext. 31750