• Bilingual Program in  Orange Township School District


    Program Description

    The Bilingual Programs offered to our student population in Orange are in Haitian-Creole and Spanish.  Parents of eligible students can enroll their child in the Bilingual Programs as early as Kindergarten for our Spanish-speaking students and our Haitian-Creole-speaking students.  


    Students enrolled in our Bilingual Spanish Program are housed at Lincoln Elementary School from Grades K-3; at Central Elementary School in grades K - 2; and at Rosa Parks Central Community School grade 3. Our Haitian-Creole Bilingual Program is housed at Oakwood Avenue Community School from Grades K-3. Students in grades K through 12 receive ESL services in all home schools.   


    All students who are enrolled in our Bilingual Programs also receive English as a Second Language (ESL) for one period on a daily basis from an ESL certified teacher.


    Goals of the Bilingual Program

    n  The continued development of the student’s native language (Language 1- L1) while acquiring the second language (Language 2- L2), which for many language minority students in Orange is English.

    n  Language is one of the most important factors in developing a sense of self.  By developing and using the student’s L1 in an academic setting, the student can transfer the information they have received in their native language to the second language (L2).

    n  The bilingual setting helps to avoid the culture shock that reflects on the immigrant child.  Students in non-bilingual classrooms are often silent in school, become depressed or confused, and are anxious about the loss of all familiar signs and symbols of their original culture.

    n  It fosters the socialization, sharing the values of the new society without loosing their own values, beliefs and traditions. 


    Sheltered English Instruction

    Teachers in Orange Public School are trained in Sheltered Instruction. SI is a means for making grade-level academic content (e.g., science, social studies, math) more accessible for English language learners while at the same time promoting their English language development NJAC 6A:15-1.4a/f. It is an approach that can extend the time students have for getting language support services while giving them a jump start on the content subjects they need for graduation