• English as a Second Language (ESL) Program in Orange Township School District


    Program Description

    Our district’s ESL Program is offered to all students who are eligible to enroll in the English Language Services.  Not only is ESL a vital part of the Bilingual Program, but it is a service that is given to students whose native language is not French/Haitian-Creole or Spanish.  These students are our ESL-Only population.  ESL is also offered to students whose parents have declined Bilingual Services, but would like to receive ESL.  We offer ESL from Kindergarten through Twelfth Grade.


    ESL services are offered at all elementary schools, Orange Preparatory Academy (OPA), and Orange High School. At Orange Preparatory Academy (OPA) and Orange High School, we also offer students ESL Support in the content area classes in Mathematics, Science and Social Studies.  In these settings, an ESL teacher provides ESL students support in an inclusionary setting.


    Goal of ESL Program

    ■  ESL is an essential component of all bilingual education programs for students who are English Language Learners (ELL).

    ■  It builds on the student’s listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the academic setting.

    ■  ESL teachers instruct students at their English level of proficiency.  The levels of proficiency used are:

                - ELP Level 1: Entering

                - ELP Level 2: Emerging

                - ELP Level 3: Developing

                - ELP Level 4: Expanding

                - ELP Level 5/6: Bridging & Reaching

    ■  ESL is taught daily for approximately one period in the push-in teaching model.  The ESL teachers teach students in the Bilingual or Monolingual classroom.

    ■  ESL and Classroom Teachers collaborate on the daily ESL instruction, so that the ESL instruction supports the needs of the students and the goals of the classroom.

    ■  Students whose L1 is not taught in our Bilingual Program, receive ESL-Only instruction on a daily basis for approximately one period.