• Rules 



    • Be on time to class and begin work once you are seated.
    • Be respectful to your classmates, teacher, and any visitor to the classroom
    • Respect all equipment. Do not alter the computer or laptops settings. Do not write on posters. 
    • Homework is due the following day unless notified of an extended deadline for a project you are working on. 
    • Missing or late work will have 10 points deducted for each week it’s missing. 5 pts for 3rd and 4th Grade students






    • When you arrive to class (or if I come to class if I am traveling to your classroom) log into Google Classroom and start the Do Now
    • Go to classwork and look for the assignment posted for the day. 
    • We will review the assignment for the day. 
    • Log on to the program we are using for the day’s assignment.
    • Complete the exit ticket. The Exit Ticket will be posted under assignments in the Google classroom. 
    • Please email me any questions you might have or post on the stream page for the google classroom. Don’t post in the assignment page.If you need a quick response email at the email address above.  



    Remote Learning



    • If we have a remote day class we will meet online for class. Just click on the link in the Google classroom in order to join the class. If for some reason you are kicked out of the meet the assignment for the day will be posted in the Google Classroom. Just look for the date you should be in class. 
    • Put your computer on MUTE during the meet. 
    • You must show yourself on the video so I know that you are present in the classroom. 
    • You can ask questions in the comment section. If someone else is speaking please wait for your turn. No inappropriate writing.