Caroline Onyesonwu
    Supervisor of Bilingual/ESL/World Languages Programs
    Office Hours
    9:00 am - 11:00 am
    1:00 pm - 4:00 pm
    Identification of Eligible Students for Bilingual and/or ESL 
    Indicated below are the steps used for the identification of students eligible for Bilingual and/or ESL Language Services.
    • Upon entering the Orange School District, students must register at the district registrar's office in the age-appropriate grade.
    • The parent/guardian registering the student must complete a Home Language Survey form, stating the language spoken at home and the student's primary language.
    • The Bilingual/ESL Office will conduct the language language proficiency test using the WIDA Model.
    • If the student is deemed non-English proficient or limited-English proficient, a recommendation is made to the parent/guardian for the Bilingual and/or ESL programs.
    • The parents of the eligible students are informed of the language services available to them and their rights as parents. Parents of an eligible student can accept or decline the services offered to them.
    •  If the parent accepts the language services, his/her child is placed in one of the schools where the language services are available. These schools are listed below.
     Bilingual and/or ESL programs are found at:

    -Rosa Parks Central Community School - K/1 Bilingual French/Haitian-Creole, K/1 Bilingual Spanish and ESL services
    -Heywood Elementary School- ESL-Only services
    -Lincoln Elementary School- K/1 Bilingual Spanish and ESL services
    -Cleveland Street School- ESL services only
    -Park Ave School- ESL only
    -Forrest Street School- ESL only
    -Park Ave School- ESL only 
    -Orange Preparatory Academy (OPA) Grades 8 and 9 ESL services only 
    -Orange High School- ESL services only
    If a parent declines the services offered, he/she must sign a waiver form, waiving the services being offered. 
    Parents who waive or withdraw their child from ELS, may have their students identified yearly until the student’s academic performance is grade-level appropriate.

    Exiting the Bilingual and/or ESL Programs
    Listed below are the steps that are taken to exit a candidate from the Bilingual and/or ESL Programs. 
    There are five criteria for exiting the Bilingual/ESL Programs.
    -English Language Proficiency on the ACCESS for ELLs
    -Classroom Performance
    -Reading Level in English
    -Performance on Standardized Test
    -Teacher Judgment 
    The ACCESS for ELLs is the State’s instrument to measure English Language Acquisition. 
    Students take the ACCESS in the Spring of every school year in the areas of: listening, speaking, reading and writing.