• Kindergarten Learning Assignments 

                                                October 2, 2020

    Kindergarten Math

     Click on this link to listen to the lesson Lesson 17

    (Complete the Learn Book pg. 79-81 and Succeed Book 71)

    In your notebook, write your numbers from 1 to 30.                                          

               Complete 20 minutes of Iready (Clever)



    Kindergarten: ELA

     Three Billy Goats Gruff Read Aloud

    (Click on the book title to listen to the story.)

    Listen to the Read aloud. In your notebook, write and draw how Great Big Billy Goat Gruff solved the problem at the end of the story.                                           

                                         Complete 20 minutes of Iread.  


    Kindergarten: Science

           Watch this video------> Sink or Float  Draw a picture of an object that sinks and an object that floats. Label and color your picture. Write a sentence about your picture on a blank piece of storyboard paper.


    Kindergarten: Social Studies

                               The World Around Us: Tell about a problem you have had. Draw and write to show how you would solve the problem. Remember to label your pictures.



    HomeworkStudents are to complete pgs 71 in the Succeed Math Book.

    Students will complete pg 10 in their reading myBook.


    Students are to complete 15 minutes of Iread and 15 minutes of Iready.