• Here are some great ideas to take care of yourself during Covid-19
    1. Wear a mask when you leave your home.
    2. Wash your hands frequently - for at least 20 seconds - especially when you come inside.
    3. Socially distance when you are in public spaces - stay at least 6 feet apart from others.
    4. When you are at a Zoom meeting or are sitting for at least a half hour in class, please make sure you get up and move around (for example -dance in place) for at least 30 seconds - every half hour. 
    5. Try to stay healthy - make sure you have a good breakfast – include fruit, protein (eggs, peanut butter, cheese), and complex carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, granola bars, oatmeal).
    6. Get enough sleep – 8 to 10 hours per night.
    7. Eat more healthy foods
    8. Get some exercise every day.
    9. Try to limit fast food and unhealthy snacks.
    10. Do community service.
    11. Put your phone down, and talk to your friends and family members.
    12. Play some board games.
    13. Work on having good relationships with friends and family members.
    14. Study and work hard to do your best in school.
    15. Work on your problems – even get some counseling if you need some help. There is always someone to talk with, and people really care about you!
    16. Try to bring laughter into your life.
    17. Advocate for yourself. Respectfully speak up about things.       .
    18. Be kind.
    19. Find what you love to do (reading, art, sports, volunteer work, etc),
    20. Get organized.
    21. Smile                                                                                       
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      Saint Barnabas Medical Center presents

      “COVID-19 vs. Cold, Flu, & Allergies”

      Wednesday, November 18, 2020 6:00 PM — 7:00 PM Virtual Presentation

      Please register:


      Questions are encouraged, please submit when you register


      Please join us for a presentation with clinicians from Saint Barnabas Medical Center:

      Linda Hardy, BBA, RRT-NPS, RPFT, AE-C, Asthma Educator Dr. Killol Patel, MD, Pulmonary Specialist
      Dr. Stephanie Zandieh, MD FAAP, FCCP, Pediatric Pulmonologist

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Last Modified on October 28, 2020