IM3 Algebra II - 11th Grade

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Unit Plans

  • Unit 1: Polynomials and Polynomial Function Solve quadratic functions with non-real solutions, and operations with complex numbers; simplify imaginary numbers; identify key features of the cubic/quartic polynomial and sketch the cubic/quartic polynomial; solve problems involving rate of change; solve cubic equations; solve problems using long division and Remainder Theorem; find the sums and differences of cubes

    Unit 2: Transformations and Radical/Rational Functions Solve problems involving: transformation, even and odd functions, radical equations, rational functions/equations, systems of equation

    Unit 3: Exponential and Logarithmic Functions Solve problems involving: arithmetic sequences, geometric sequences and series; simplify rational exponents; create exponential functions; sketch exponential functions; rewrite exponential function as logarithmic functions; evaluate logarithmic functions; solve logarithmic functions; sketch logarithmic functions

    Unit 4: Trigonometric Functions and Probability and Statistics Understand radians and convert radians to degrees and vice versa. find sine, cosine, and tangent of special triangles; use trig ratios to solve problems; find key features of a period function; sketch sine and cosine; solve problems involving sampling; conduct observational and experimental studies; apply sampling techniques; recognize the key components of observational studies