Concert Band Course Syllabus


    Course Description - This course is designed to give the student an enriching and diverse instrumental music education. This class provides several performance opportunities for the student in a variety of settings. The daily objective of the course is to promote musical growth through the playing instruments and by learning more about the language of music. Band is a skilled effort in which each student is expected to show technical and musical growth throughout this course. The goal is NOT mastery. The goal is growth! New rhythms and musical styles, as well as scales will be the backbone of the class. Students are encouraged to practice daily. Students MUST bring their instrument back the next day whenever they take it home to practice.


    Materials Required:

    • Pencils --- No Pens Allowed In Music Class
    • 1 subject notebook or composition book
    • Pocket Folder (for worksheets and sheet music)


    Instruments are provided by the school free of charge.  All students must fill out an instrument contract prior to taking the instrument off school grounds. 


    Performances - Students will have numerous opportunities to perform throughout the school year both during the school day and in the evening.  There are 2 official evening concerts.  These performances are mandatory and are graded.

    Winter Concert – Virtual platform due to COVID-19     6pm in the OPA Auditorium TBA

    Spring Concert - Virtual platform due to COVID-19      6pm in the OPA Auditorium TBA



    Grading is based on a diverse range of assessments and activities.  The following is the percentage breakdown of the grading system:


    25% Tests (includes concerts and other performances)

    20% Quizzes   

    25% Authentic Assessment

    20% Class work

    10% Homework



    Methods of assessments-

    All written, composition, playing, authentic, and critique/reflection assignments are rubric scored.  Students will be provided with the appropriate rubric.

    Music definition, symbols, and other music knowledge (theory) assignments and tests/quizzes will be assessed as to the number of questions answered correctly.


    The rubrics used in this class are the NJ Markers of Future Success State Rubric, Band Performance Rubric, VPA Critique Scoring Rubric.

    • NJ Markers of Future Success Rubric --------- Use to grade students’ in-class authentic work.
    • Band Performance Rubric --------- Used to grade any playing assessments.
    • VPA Critique Scoring Rubric --------- Used to grade any written assessment.


    Rehearsal Policy-

    Students are to attend ALL mandatory after-school band rehearsals.  Students and parents/guardians will be notified in advance of mandatory rehearsals.  Failure to attend mandatory rehearsals can result in lowered grades and/or exclusion from performances.


    Concert/performance policy-

    Students are expected to perform in the winter and spring concerts.  These performances are counted as test grades.  If there is a conflict that cannot be rescheduled the night/day of a performance, and alternative assessment will be assigned.  Notice must be given to Mr. Clerie at least 2 weeks before a performance in the form of a signed letter from a parent/guardian.  Also, student behavior in class is a determining factor in performance participation.  Students that cannot be trusted to behave properly on stage will not be permitted to perform with the group.  In this case, an alternative assignment will be given.


    Academic Integrity-

    All students are Orange High School are expected to have academic integrity when completing assignments.  Any student found cheating or plagiarizing will receive no credit for the assignment and no opportunity for make-up.


    Technology Usage-

    All students are to complete the necessary and required technology paperwork prior to using school issued devices.  Computer usage is necessary for this class as many assignments are completed via Google Classroom.  Students that misuse technology (inappropriate websites, games, non-subject related usage, etc.) will lose their technology privileges in class.  This also applies to students that improperly handle technology (holding computers by the screen, dropping computers, neglecting to plug in computers after use).





    Class Expectations:


    Be on time - Being a responsible student means showing up to class on time.  If you are late for a legitimate reason, please get a signed pass from a teacher/administrator/staff member.  Consequences for frequent tardiness can include detention, a phone call home, further administrative action.


    Be respectful - This includes treating teachers and fellow students with respect.  Please refrain from foul or inappropriate language, shouting, running, horseplay, and other inappropriate or disrespectful behavior.  Students are also expected to respect instruments, equipment, and property.


    Come prepared - ALWAYS have a pencil. No Pen!  Students are to begin the DO NOW activity immediately upon entering the classroom.  Students must bring instruments to school each day.  All students must be in the appropriate school uniform.


    No eating or drinking - There is absolutely no food or drink allowed in the classroom.  This includes gum, mints, and candy.  The only item that is permitted is a bottle of water.


    No cell phones - There are no exceptions.  Students must keep cell phones off and put away while in class.  Consequences for not meeting this expectation include detention, a phone call home, confiscation of the cell phone, and administrative action.


    Listen to and follow all directions - A great ensemble or team follows directions and listens to instructions.


    Try your best - All students are expected to try their best in this course.  Progress will be made; however, the amount of progress depends on students’ efforts.


    Discipline Policy-

    1st offense: warning

    2nd offense: detention (lunch or afterschool)

    3rd offense: phone call home

    further offenses: referral to school administration


    OHS Concert Band


    Student Name:___________________________________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian Name: ____________________________________________________________


    Parent/guardian contact number: _____________________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian email address: ______________________________________________________


                            By signing this contract, it is understood that:


    1. Grades will be determined by playing and written tests, class work, homework, participation, and concert attendance etc. as outlined in the grading section of this syllabus.


    1. Students must have instruments every day for class.  If you bring your instrument home to practice, it is your responsibility to bring it back for class.  Failure to have an instrument can result in loss of performance privileges and a lowered grade.


    1. Concerts are mandatory. If you know in advance you will not be performing, you MUST bring in a note prior to the concert. If there is an emergency the day or evening of the concert, the parent must provide a written explanation within one week’s time. No note = failing grade for that performance.


                I have read and agree with the above guidelines.


    Student signature: _________________________________________________________________


    Parent/Guardian signature: ___________________________________________________________