Information on Parent Teacher Conferences 

    Useful content on the web for parents and teachers a like aimed at creating an ideal parent-teacher conference.
    In order to help your kids have a successful school year, you need to know what is expected of them, academically, from now until June.

    You can find out by asking some questions. Take this list with you to your next parent-teacher conference. And don't forget to take notes.
    NEA: How to make Parent Teacher Conferences Work for your Child
    Tips of having a successfull parent teacher conference.
    Tips for Avoiding Parent Teacher Conflicts
    With over twenty years of experience as a teacher and a school administrator, Dr. Kyle Pruett knows a thing or two about parent-teacher conflicts. Here are some ideas for parents to help them avoid the pitfalls.
    Parent-Teacher Conference Guide
    So many questions, so little time! The average parent-teacher conference lasts only 20 minutes. Choose your situation and get a custom list of questions to ask the teacher.
    Parent-Teacher Conference Kit
    So many questions, so little time