Orange Township District Technology Plan

    Vision Statement

    One thing that is always a constant is change. In order to effectively address the rapid change in technology and education, the Orange Board of Education is committed to preparing today’s students for life in the 21st century. Technology is not a separate area of instruction and should not be taught in isolation. By integrating technology into all levels of instruction, the Orange Public Schools are providing students, staff and the community with opportunities that build a learning community that uses technology as a learning resource and management tool. This technology enriched learning community affords students, staff and families with the commitment to learning, collaboration and a focus on equitable results.

    Mission Statement

    The Orange Public Schools will incorporate technology into all areas of the educational process by the infusion of a strengthen curriculum that acquires, applies and evaluates its technology resources to best support the Core Curriculum Content Standards. This endeavor will develop a community of life-long learners that will enable students to:

    • Expand their knowledge base.
    • Become self-directed learners
    • Reinforce Language Arts and Math Literacy.
    • Improve their critical thinking, problem solving and decision making skills.
    • Collaborate with others to effectively complete a task.
    • Be informed of various professions involving technology.
    • Use assistive technology to augment the learning process.
    • Access, analyze, evaluate and communicate information.
    • Use video to enhance their learning experiences.
    • Use technology to improve student achievement.