To join a class on Remind, you can download the Remind App (highly recommended for students).

    You may also sign up directly via text/email or join on the website.

    You can receive messages via text, email, or push notification(or any combination of these).


    • Download the Remind app

    Remind is available on iOS and Android devices. Anyone can download Remind, create an account and join a class quickly(tap the + next to Classes Joined) by using a class @code or search for your teacher's class. (Download Remind)


    • Text

    Join directly via text:

    Participants text a class @code to a Remind Phone Number.

    The Remind number is 81010. For example, if the code is @math and the phone number is 81010, you would text @math to 81010


    Join online:

    Visit remind.com/join and enter the class code there along with your phone number.


    • Email

    Join online:

    Visit remind.com/join and enter the class code and your email address.

    Join from your inbox:

    Send a blank email to code@mail.remind.com. You'll get a response with further instructions. If the class code was @math, you would send a blank email to math@mail.remind.com



    Math Period 2:

    (Text) Class Code: @hparkp2

    (Download Remind App) Class Code: @hparkp2

    (Email) Email Address: hparkp2@mail.remind.com

    (Join Online) Web Address: www.remind.com/join/hparkp2


    Math Period 3

    (Text)Class Code: @hparkp3

    (Download Remind App)Class Code: @hparkp3  

    (Email) Email Address: hparkp3@mail.remind.com

    (Join Online) Web Address: www.remind.com/join/hparkp3    



    Math Period 4:

    (Text)Class Code: @hparkp4   

    (Download Remind App)Class Code: @hparkp4  

    (Email) Email Address: hparkp4@mail.remind.com

    (Join Online) Web Address: www.remind.com/join/hparkp4  




    Math Period 2:

    Google Classroom Code: 5j2sqqp   


    Math Period 3:

    Google Classroom Code: cm47wjb 


    Math Period 4:

    Google Classroom Code: vs4mq3j