• Orange Preparatory Academy’s staff and administration would like to nominate eighth grader, Leila Pierre Louis, for the April Student of the Month. Leila was recommended by her math teacher, Ms. Salvatoriello, along with the administrative team for this month’s nomination.

    Leila is a very passionate, inquisitive, responsible student. Leila is a model student who sets a positive example for her peers. Leila holds high expectations for herself and her teachers. She is a team player who is collaborative and supportive to her peers and teachers. She is always willing to lend a hand to those in need. Leila’s hunger for education has continued through Distance Learning. Leila continues to help her classmates when needed through text and social media platforms. She is also a huge help to her teachers by reminding her classmates to complete their work. Leila has personally helped Ms. Salvatoriello get in contact with students. Her positive outlook is infectious and a breath of fresh air. Ms. Salvatoriello emphasized, “Leila is a phenomenal young lady that continues to excel both socially and academically.”

    Leila’s favorite subject is mathematics because she had the right teachers to instruct her throughout the years. Outside of school, Leila enjoys reading comics, drawing, and painting. Leila is interested in Visual and Performing Arts and hopes to attend the University of Southern California. In addition to making Honor Roll first and second marking cycle at OPA, she made the time to get involved with The Zone, participate in our Fall play Game of Tiaras, and actively take part in Girls Who Code as well as Flag line. Leila describes herself as upbeat, positive, and a dreamer.