Technology Distribution

    It is important for parents and students accessing our various virtual learning sites across schools, teachers, grade levels, departments, and content areas to have consistency in the process. The process for navigating to a teacher’s emergency Extended Learning Resources page (for at-home instruction) is as follows:

    • Visit theschool website --Faculty --(select the teacher) Distance Learning tab.

    The district will have device sign out forms and procedures ready at your child’s home school. Parents, you will have to sign them out and ensure you bring a valid Government ID. Technology coordinators are included in the distribution process and should see them when you arrive on Monday to pick up the device. Please check the district website and social media platforms for more information.

    *Scholars and Orange Early Childhood Center (OECC) have assignments that do not require technology integration therefore there is no need for sign out at those two locations.


    If you are interested, please read the following information about potential free internet access. Please contact Comcast directly for any questions or conerns: