Eye drawing

Dear Parents and Students

  • Welcome to the Extended Learning Resource Page.  This page was created to provide students working from home with access to assignments, links, assessments, and practice resouces.  Schools will be closed from Tuesday, March 17 - Friday, March 27.  Additional information and daily updates can be found on the district's COVID-19 Resource Page found at https://www.orange.k12.nj.us/domain/3058 

    I will be available daily to answer any questions you may have.  My virtual Office Hours are as follows: Monday-Friday morning 9:00AM-11:00AM and afternoon 1:00PM-3:00PM

    Google Meet session for students to discuss issues or concerns will be held Wednesdays from 9:00AM-10:00AM and 1:00PM - 2:00PM. 

    The Google Meet session code will be posted in Remind and Google Classroom.

    Should you have any questions about assignments, you can contact me through the following channels: e-mail: brownnat@orange.k12.nj.us  AND on the Remind App remind.com.  The codes for the Remind App are below for each class and is open to students and parents.

    My personal advice for working from home is to find a place that has low noise, comfy, and FREE OF DISTRACTIONS.
    **Social media is always here but the due dates for my assignments aren't. Please take care of business, first.

    Students, and parents please copy your correct Google Classroom code from your class' period below:

    Class codes:
    Drawing I Period   1 - qgh4yur
    Drawing I Period   3 - vkkfwp7
    Drawing I Period   4 - bspnhgo
    Drawing I Period   5 - hhkunvq
    Drawing I Period   6 - yfcplni
    Illustration Period 7 - veerpi2

    Google classroom with be updated on a regular basis with information pertaining to your class needs, and to keep pace with instruction.

     *** Parents who need to view my Google Classroom simply need to use your child's class code, and access.


    *** All students are required to register online at https://www.remind.com/ to stay in touch with teachers.

    Students, and parents please copy your correct Remind Class code from your class' period below:

    Remind Class Codes:

    Drawing I Period   1 - 3ec7d4
    Drawing I Period   3 - 8392b8
    Drawing I Period   4 - 979hb2
    Drawing I Period   5 - 84h42k
    Drawing I Period   6 - h7f323
    Illustration Period 7 - 8ae2ab
Last Modified on April 6, 2020