• Extended Learning

    EMAIL :betancna@orange.k12.nj.us

    Telephone: 973 677-4130

    Available school Hours Monday- Friday 8am -12:30pm and 1:00 -3:20pm

    Please use Class Dojo to contact me

    Kindergarten Ms. Coward 

    -Kindergarten Mr. Larkin Tuesday 

    -Kindergarten Ms. William Thursday 

    Kindergarten Mr. Garcia Friday 

    1st grade Mrs. Ford Tuesday 

    1st grade Mrs. Lane/Kabrel Friday

    2nd grade Mrs. Gabella (1S) Monday 


    2nd grade Ms. Laureano (S 2) Monday 


     2nd grade Mrs. Stack (S 1) Thursday 


    2nd grade Mr. Cushing (S 2) Friday

     3rd grade Mrs. Hagan Tuesday

     3rd grade Mrs. Connor/Mrs. Mill Thursday

    3rd grade Mrs. Gallmon(S2) Thursday 1

    4th grade Mrs. Miranda Tuesday 

     4th grade Mrs. Bligen/Mrs. Otter Friday 

    5th grade Mrs. Cruz/Mr. Pérez/Mrs.Young

    5th grade Mrs. oses 

    6th grade Ms. Jones/Grant/Guilford Monday 

    6th grade Mr. Curran/T Jones Friday

    7th grade Dover 

    7th  vignola

Last Modified on June 22, 2022