• Summer Read Alouds:

    Click on each title to open the read aloud. Then answer the questions with your child. I will add more Read Alouds on our YouTube page. 


    Wash and Dry by Trish Holland


    In your journal draw and write how you clean your clothes and if it's the same way, or a different way, that the boy does in the story. 

    4 year olds:
    What do you think will happen next in the story? Why did he say "Oh no, here we go again?" 


    Why Johnny Doesn't Flap by Clay and Gail Morton


    In your journal draw something that makes you special.


    The Earth Day by Todd Parr

    In your journal draw something you can do to help the Earth. After drawing it, try to label your picture (families, keep in mind our writing stages).

    4 year olds:
    Go back and label your pictures with beginning sounds.

    after drawing and labeling your picture, write the sentence “I can help the Earth by _____”


    Ish by Peter H. Reynolds


    What did Ramon like to do? Do you also like to draw? What happened when his brother laughed at his picture?

    4 year olds:

    How did Ramon feel when his brother laughed at him? Why? Have you ever felt like that? 


    Do you think all drawings are ish? Why? What do you like to do that might be ish?

    Make your own ish picture

    Most People by Micheal Leannah


    write/draw in your journal something good you can do to help others.

    4 year olds:

    write/draw in your journal something good you can do to help others and label your pictures


    after writing/drawing in your journal, write the sentence that begins with “I can  _____”


    Elmer by David McKee


    How did Elmer feel at the beginning of the story?

    How do you think he feels at the end of the story? Why?

    We all have things that are the same about us and things that are different. What do you think the write is trying to tell us about begin different? 

    What are some things that are the same about and your classmates?


    Some of the elephants thought Elmer was playing a joe on them by changing his color. Do you think Elmer was playing a joke? I wonder if he really wanted to be the same color as the other elephants.

    What do you think the other elephants think about having a patchwork of colors?

    What do think Elmer and his friends are up to now?


    patchwork: something that is made up of different things, (different colors)

    herd: a group of animals that stay together

    bunches: groups of the same things

    ordinary: usual not special


    The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Fister


    The Twins Blanket by Hyewon Yum


    What were the twins fighting over?

    Have you ever fought over something with a sibling or friend? What was it? How did you solve the problem?

    How did the twins solve their problem?


    How do you think the twins were feeling when they were fighting?

    What are some ways to calm our brains when we get angry or upset?

    What do you think the twins might do if they have another problem later on?


    twins: two people with the same mother who were born at the same time

    greedy: wanting more than you need, selfish

    separate: not together or connected

    fabric: cloth or material


    Ruthie and the (Not So) Teeny Tiny Lie by Laura Rankin


    How do you think Ruthie felt when she found the teeny tiny camera?

    How do you think Ruthie felt when Martin said it was his camera?

    Ruthie really wanted that camera; did you ever want something as much as Ruthie?


    Why do think Ruthie lied?

    Why do you think Ruthie cried?

    Ruthie felt so much better at the end. She got some help to solve her problem. How do you get help when you have a problem?

    What do you think Laura Rankin’s (the author) wants us to know about telling the truth? What was her message in this story?


    Imaginable: possible to think of

    Barely: just a little bit

    Luck: something (good or bad) that happens by accident

    Startled: surprised


    What Can You Do With a Rebozo? by Carmen Tafolla


    What is a rebozo?

    What are some ways people use a rebozo?

    How else would YOU use a rebozo?

    Draw and label something you would do with a rebozo.


    Who was narrating the story?

    Is there something you would like to know more about how to use?

    Make a short book (2 – 3 pages) explaining how to use something in your house. (ex: what can you do with a spoon?)


    rebozo: a long, woven shawls that can be used in many different ways, worn and used mostly by women of Mexico and Central America

    cradle: a small bed for a baby that rocks back and forth

    piñata: a container filled with candy or other treats that's hung up at parties and hit with a stick until it breaks and the treats fall out

    sash: a long strip of cloth worn over the shoulder or around the waist


    Goldilocks and the Three Bears by Gavin Scott


    What made Goldilocks go into the Bears’ house?

    What did she do when she got inside the house? (order: porridge, chairs, bed)

    How do you think the bears felt when they found out someone had eaten their porridge, broken their chair, and slept in their bed?

    Do you think it was kind of Goldilocks to do that without asking permission?

    Draw and label the things Goldilocks tried when she was in the Bears house. 


    What would you do if you were Goldilocks?

    What would you do if you were one of the bears? Mom/dad/baby?

    How do you think Goldilocks felt when she saw the bears? How did the bears feel?

    Do you think Goldilocks will ever go into another person’s house again? Why?

    Draw and label what you would tell Goldilocks to do (or not do) next time. 


    Caps For Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina


    Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

    Everyone (While reading the story):

    What are some of the things that you do in the morning to get ready for school? (page 2)

    What do you notice about the classroom? (pages 3-4)

    What are some things that you see that you have in your classroom? (pages 7-8)

    How do you think Ian Lowe is feeling? Why do you think he might be feeling this way? (pages 8-9)

    After the reading:

    How is Miss Bindergarten’s classroom the same and how is it different from preschool?

    Draw and label your favorite area in the classroom.


    Cockatoo: a type of large parrot that is mostly white and has colorful feathers on top of its head.

    Sneakers: type of shoe that people wear when running or playing sports.

    Cocoa: a drink of hot milk or water mixed with chocolate powder; also called hot chocolate.

    Sneaks: takes something secretly

    Marches: walks with determination