• Distance Learning: Physical Education Expectations

    1. Any assignment which is provided to you in Google Classroom is expected to be completed by the assigned due date.
    2. These grades will be added into Genesis as a regular part of your classroom grade. (classwork, quiz, authentic, etc...) If you do not complete the assignments, no credit will be given and your grade will drop significantly for the 3rd marking period.
    3. Assignments will be announced through REMIND and also GOOGLE CLASSROOM! It is your responsibility to check these sites daily in order to stay on top of your learning. No excuses!
    4. I will always make myself available to assist you if you require any additional information. My office hours are 9-11AM & 1:00-3:00PM. 
    5. We can communicate through; Google Classroom - see webpage for specific class codes; Remind page Naumowicz Physical Education class code @naumow                                                    Email - naumowpe@orange.k12.nj.us