Distance Learning and Assessment Criteria



Degrees and Certifications:

Distance Learning and Assessment Criteria

Read 180:   Complete 20-45 minutes of your work zones at https://h100002020.education.scholastic.com/slms/studentaccess

                   Work on the completion of Workshop 3 in the Workbook Complete writing assignments on your Google Classroom page, where you will also find helpful notes and tips


Assessment: 20-45 Minutes of partcipation (those students without internet access at home have made prior arrangements with the teacher) 

                   Writing will be assessed using the NJSLA Writing Rubric  Other work will be assessed with checkpoint quizzes and questions, or submitted photographs. 


ELA 8:  Students should complete twenty minutes of Reading Plus lessons/practice daily. Students who have achieved completion of Level 14 should see the choiceboard on Google Classroom. 

            See lessons on classroom.google.com 

           Assessment criteria is posted with assignments. Most writing assignments will be assessed using the NJSLA Writing Rubric.   


** Lessons are differentiated via Reading Plus Level, and as assigned on Google Classroom. Assignments are differentiated for students based on need and assessment**