Mr. Torres Culinary Arts

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    OHS A Day                                     

    Period 1 8:30am- 9:15am

    Period 3 9:30am- 10:15am

    Period 5 10:30am- 11:15am

    Period 7 11:30am- 12:15pm 

    OHS B Day

    Period 2 8:30am- 9:15am

    Period 4 9:30am- 10:15am

    Period 6 10:30am- 11:15am

    Period 8 11:30am- 12:15pm

    Lunch for staff and students 12:30pm-1:15pm

    1:15pm- 3:15pm Office hours for Mr. Torres/ o Day for students


    Twilight Program (Night School)

    Period 9 3:30pm- 4:15pm

    Period 10 4:20pm-5:05pm

    Period 11 5:15pm- 5:55pm

    Period 12 6:00pm- 6:45pm





Orange High School/OPA

  • Remind Link:

    OPA Period 1 Diet & Nutrition

    • Code: @opaper

     OHS Diet & Nutrition Period 3

    • Code: @63fd6b6

     OHS Diet & Nutrition Period 5B

    • Code: @9adf6d

     Diet & Nutrition Period 6B

    • Code: @a8kdh7

     Foods Service & Preparation Period 8

    • Code: @foodsser

     Twilight Program

    • Code: @9eg8kg6


    Google Classroom:

    OPA Diet & Nutrition Period 1

    Code: 6qiauoh

    OHS Diet & Nutrition Period 3

    Code: yagqhsw

    OHS Diet & Nutrition Period 5B

    Code: o3lkbpn

    OHS Diet & Nutrition Period 6B

    Code: givod5n

    Foods Service & Preparation Period 8

    Code: wi3a2pl

    Twilight Program (Night School) Period 9, 11

    Code: t2hknhn

    Twilight Program Advanced Culinary Arts (Night School) Period 12

    Code: 7ozcvef