Welcome to instrumental music! 

    I'm looking forward to making music with you this year! I will be available for any questions during my office hours. My google assignments will be posted in your homeroom teacher's class.


    PLEASE NOTE: All first and second grade classes are now asynchronous. I will post assignments in Google Classroom with video instruction, but students must complete the assignments on their own.



    I will have live office hours for students in need of extra help. The hours are as follows: 

               1st grade: Wednesday 10:00 A.M.

               2nd grade: Wednesday 10:45 A.M.



    Here's some fun musical links for your to explore


    Go Noodle playlist on You tube:



    Here's a link to fun music videos:



    Here's some Chuck Vanderchuck games! You will need flash to play them

    Match the pattern

    Choose the instrument

    Lyric creator