• West Side Story

    Please find the following performances of Somewhere here:

    The movie version.

    The Supremes

    Dave Brubeck

    Ben Platt

    Cynthis Erivo


    So what are your thoughts about the song? Write a brief response to the song, comparing the movie version with another performance from those above. Try to speak musically using some of the various focus points: vocal quality, arrangement, expression, and instrumentation. Does the song take on a new character when it's removed from the setting of the movie?


    Marnie Nixon

    The voice behind so many characters! For years no one knew who she was, yet she worked as a ghost in Hollywood, and hers is the voice we all know as so many wonderful characters- Maria in the Sound of Music, Anna in the King and I, Eliza Doolitle and more.  Find out about this very talented woman.

    Will the real Marni Nixon please stand up!

    West Side Story and Maria


Last Modified on February 8, 2021