• Please answer the following quiz questions on the past two units of study they are due on January 3rd.


    Name:­______________                          Date:__________


    Speedball Review Sheet


    1. Which three sports make up Speedball?



    1. When the ball is on the floor how do you get the ball into your hands?



    1. How many points is a touchdown worth in speedball?



    1. What is the name of the pro League?



    1. What’s the most number of players on a team in speedball?



    1. What is a goal worth in speedball?



    1. How many teams can win a speedball game?



    1. What’s the most amount of touchdowns that can be scored in a game?


    1. If I were playing speedball and scored two goals made five baskets and caught three touchdowns how many points would I have scored?



    1. Explain how I can dribble the ball in a speedball game?




    Name:________________                                                             Block:___________

    Volleyball Review Sheet


    1. How many times can a ball be hit on your side of the net before it has to go over the net?



    1. Where do you have to serve the ball from?



    1. Which lines do we use as boundaries for OPA PE?



    1. True or False. If the ball hits the line it is out.


    1. Which Olympics is volleyball played in?



    1. What happens if you touch the net?



    1. Can the ball hit the net on a serve? Explain your answer:



    1. What is it called when you move your hand in a downward motion to hit the ball over the net?


    1. When do you get points in volleyball?



    1. How many teams can win?