• Advanced Topics in Algebra I Syllabus

    Orange High School


    Instructors: Mr. Michael Wagner and Mr. Max Orleans

    Email: wagnermi@orange.k12.nj.us , orleanma@orange.k12.nj.us

    Classroom: 232  Periods: 1/2

    Classroom: 224   Period: 5b/6b


    Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact me regarding any concerns with their child in my class.  The best method of contacting me is through email.  I will respond to emails within 24 hours of receiving them with the exception of emails received on Fridays and weekends which will be responded to by the end of the school day on Monday at the latest.


    Course Description:

    In this course, we will be covering the topics of an Algebra 1 course with an emphasis on deeper conceptual understanding and building the students mathematical skills.  Each of the topics covered has been introduced in previous mathematics classes and the goal is to solidify students’ mathematical foundation and comprehension in order to be successful in future mathematics classes and life after high school. 


    Course Topics:

    Linear Equations, Inequalities, and Systems


    Quadratic Equations

    Introduction to Exponential Functions


    Required Supplies:

    • 3-Ring notebook divided into 3 sections; Notes, Homework/Classwork, and Tests/Quizzes (if a student prefers a chronological ordering, that is fine)
    • Lined Paper
    • Something to write with (pencil, pen, eraser)


    Parents/Guardians, teachers and administrators will have the right to look at the students notebook at any time.  Therefore, students must keep their notebooks up to date with all class notes, class work, homework, quizzes and tests.  Each student’s notebook will be checked and graded at least once every marking period.


    Grading Policy:  Grades will be based on quiz/test performance, homework, class work, class participation and authentic assessments.

    Tests: 25% (minimum of 3 per marking period)

    Authentic Assessments: 25% (minimum of 4 per marking period)

    Quizzes: 20% (minimum of 6 per marking period)

    Class Work: 20% (minimum of 9 per marking period)

    Homework: 10% (minimum of 9 per marking period)

    Grades are regularly updated online and are available for review at any time.

    Homework: Homework will be assigned daily, as per district requirements.  Homework is a way to practice concepts covered in class, as well as help you retain skills, and supply the teacher with feedback of your understanding.  Practice is essential for mastery and success.  Without practice, without doing your homework, you will have a difficult time passing.  Unless otherwise instructed, homework is due at the beginning of the next class.  Homework will be graded on completeness, effort and correctness.  Late homework will be accepted within 3 days of when it was due after that it will NOT be accepted.  The highest grade possible for any late assignment will be 70%.  In the event of an absence, the homework that would have been due will be due upon the students return to class and arrangements for missed materials will be discussed at an appropriate time.  It is your responsibility to turn in your homework on time.


    Class Work:  Students will have class work during every class and are expected to keep it in their notebook.  Whether it is individual work or group work, students are expected to actively work on these assignments.  Class work may be collected at the end of the class to be graded. 


    Authentic Assessments: Throughout the course there will be authentic assessments given which may or may not relate to the topic being covered at that time. 


    Quizzes/Tests:  Students can expect to have a test, quiz or both each week.  To be successful, you should complete all assigned homework, participate in class, as well as review these topics prior to the assessment.  It is my expectation that this minimum degree of preparation will be done by all students.  Most quizzes and all tests will be announced at least one class period in advance of being given.  If you miss class when a quiz or test is announced, you will still be responsible for taking the quiz/test with the class.  Any test or quiz that students miss will be expected to be taken upon their return to class.

    Students who are absent are responsible for the work and instruction missed.  Please partner up with someone in class so that in the event of an absence you can keep each other informed of your responsibilities.


    Classroom Rules of Conduct:

    1. Be prepared for class in the following ways:
      1. Bring your materials to class everyday: pencil, eraser, notebook paper, and teacher provided learning materials.
      2. Be on time and be prepared to begin as soon as the bell rings.
    2. Be considerate of other people’s feelings, opinions and thoughts.
    3. Pay attention and participate in class.
    4. All cell phones/iPods/etc will be on silent and put away during class.
    5. Profane language will not be tolerated in the classroom.
    6. Be polite and respectful to any visitors to our class.
    7. Students will adhere to all OHS rules and policies.

    This syllabus may be amended during the school year.  Math is not a spectator sport, you must be actively involved!  I wish you much success this school year!

    Please discuss this syllabus with your parent/guardian, sign and return the next page.

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