• Orange High School

    2019-2020 Honors Algebra II Syllabus


    Instructor: Ms. Minsun Park

    Email: parkmins@orange.k12.nj.us

    Classroom #: 229


    Dear Students and Parents/Guardians,

    Welcome back to Orange High School for the 2019-2020 school year! I am looking forward to a year of fun and learning. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to contact me regarding any concerns or questions regarding your child in my class. You can reach me by email. I will do my best to respond as quickly as possible.


    Course Description:

    This Algebra II course begins with connections back to students’ earlier work, efficiently reviewing algebraic and statistical concepts that students have already studied while at the same time moving students forward into new content. In previous years, students have investigated mathematical ideas introduced in Algebra I by extending techniques to solve equations, and students’ knowledge and library of functions by functions. There is an increased emphasis in Algebra II on modeling, operations with various expressions, algebraic properties, methods of solving equations, and systems of equations.


    Throughout this Algebra II course, students should continue to develop proficiency with the Common Core’s eight Standards for Mathematical Practice: Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them; Reason abstractly and quantitatively; Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others; Model with mathematics; Use appropriate tools strategically; Attend to precision; Look for and make use of structure; Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.


    These practices should become the natural way in which students come to understand and do mathematics. While, depending on the content to be understood or on the problem to be solved, any practice might be seen or applied, some practices may prove more useful than others.


    In order to help students succeed in each unit, there are some transition lessons will be provided in the curriculum unit plan at the beginning of quadratics. These lessons will provide opportunities for students to revisit or reinforce their prior knowledge needed for the unit.  Each lesson starts with a Task. The purpose of the task is to introduce a new concept, problem solving, or reviewing pre-requisites.


    Course Outline:

    Unit 1: Polynomial functions and equations

    • Quadratic Equations and complex numbers
    • Key features of cubic and quartic Polynomial function
    • Long division of polynomials/Remainder theorem and solving cubic polynomials


    Unit 2: Building New functions

    • Simplifying and solving simple rational functions
    • Inverse function
    • Transformation of the polynomial
    • Even and Odd function
    • Radical equation
    • Equations with more than two unknowns


    Unit 3: Sequence and series, exponential function, Logarithmic function

    • Arithmetic and geometric sequences and series
    • Exponential functions
    • Logarithmic functions
    • Using Logarithms to solve equations
    • Rewrite expressions involving radicals and rational exponents using the properties of exponents


    Unit 4: System of Equations and Trigonometry

    • Trigonometric ratios (supplement materials)
    • Radian to degree and vice versa
    • Unit circle and the parent graph of sine, cosine
    • Key features of Trigonometric functions (Sine and cosine)
    • Sketching trigonometric function (Sine and cosine)


    2 weeks review before PARCC


    Unit 5: Probability and Statistics

    • Probability concepts and the normal distribution
    • Conditional probability and independence
    • Design and data collection in statistical studies


    Final exam!!!!


    Required Supplies:

    • Textbook: Materials made by district (Will be given to you each class)
    • Pencil and eraser
    • 3-ring Binder (It is required and used exclusively for Algebra II)
    • Notebook (It is required and used exclusively for Algebra II)

    Note: I will perform periodic “supplies checks” which will affect your classwork grade.

    School Record Keeping Policy: Parents/Guardians, teachers and administrators will have the right to look at the students’ binders and notebooks at any time. Therefore, students must always place their work in their binder or notebook as soon as possible.


    Classroom Rules:

    1. Come prepared for class everyday – pencils, binder, notebook, homework, and learning attitude.
    2. Arrive to class on time.
    3. Be respectful at all times towards other students and teachers.
    4. Pay attention and do your best with positive thinking and attitude.
    5. Items not allowed in the classroom – cell phones, iPad, iPod, earbuds, headphone, food/drinks.

    (All personal electronic devices should be on silent and put away during class.)

    1. Do not disrupt the learning process in the classroom – No shouting, standing up, talking during class, rude behavior.
    2. Students will adhere to all OHS rules and policies.


    If a student chooses to break a classroom rule, the following steps will be taken, not necessarily in this order:

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Speak to student after school and detention of 15 minutes
    3. Phone call home / Parent conference
    4. 4th offense or Severe Disruption – Send to Vice Principal


    Grading Policy:

    The grade for each marking period will be determined based on the following percentages according to school policy:

    • Tests: 25%
    • Authentic assessment: 25%
    • Quizzes: 20%
    • Class work: 20%
    • Homework 10%



    Students will be given 20 minutes quiz after learning 2-3 sections. Quizzes will be announced at least one class period before. Tests will be given at the end of every unit, and will be announced at least one week before. Quizzes and tests will cover the concepts and skills that covered during class. To be successful, you should complete all assigned homework, participate in class, and review these topics prior to the quizzes/tests. If you miss class when a quiz or test is announced, you will still be responsible for taking the quiz/test with the class. Any quizzes/tests that students miss must be made up or it will count as a zero. Please take my advice: the longer you wait to make quizzes and tests up, the less you remember the material. Please do not wait to make up missing quizzes/tests.


    Authentic Assessments:

    There will be at least 2 authentic assessments every marking period.

    1. Performance task or Senior Portfolio from district
    2. Project or Rich tasks


    Class Work:

    Whether it is individual work or group work, you are expected to actively work on these assignments. Your grade will reflect not only 1) the accuracy of your answers on a daily exit ticket, but also 2) the effort you put in during class.  Even a perfect exit ticket will receive a “D” or “F” if I notice you are not using class time effectively. For more information on the school’s class work grading policy, check your student handbooks. No late class work will be accepted.



    Homework will be assigned every day and will be due at the beginning of the next class. Homework is for you to practice concepts and skills that you learned. A partially completed assignment will not receive full credit. And if you just show the answers to the problems, you will not receive any credit. Make sure you show all work. Highest grade for late homework will be 80%. No later than 1 week.


    Make up Policy:

    It is your responsibility to make up all notes, assignments, tests and quizzes when you are absent. If you were absent on a due date, all work is due the day you return; deadline for assignments given on the day you were absent will be discussed. Missed assignments and handouts will be placed in the make-up folder. Missed quizzes and texts are to be made up on your own time: during lunch or after school. Please see me to make the arrangements.


    Extra help:

    I will be available Wednesday and Friday after school. Please make an appointment before visiting.


    Requirements to Receive Credit:

    I will be following the OHS student handbook regarding attendance, absences, and behavior. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about attendance or lateness.