Biology is the study of life. In ESL Biology, our goal is to have the students understand the concepts of biology and to help them improve their English skills. The course includes not only a lecture and lab component, but there is an extra emphasis on writing and speaking in the English language. 

    Each marking period has a theme:

    First Marking Period: The Basics

    • Intro to biology
    • Characteristics of Life
    • Levels of Organization
    • Macromolecules of Life
    • The Cell
    • How the cells get food and release waste
    • How the cells get energy

    Second Marking Period: Ecology

    • Energy in an ecosystem
    • Population biology
    • Threats to the environment

    Third Marking Period: Genetics

    • Punnett squares and inheritability of traits
    • DNA an RNA
    • Protein synthesis

    Fourth Marking Period:Evolution

    • Darwin's voyage
    • Theory of natural selection