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    In our third module we move on to learn about place value within 1,000. We focus on showing the number in hundreds, tens, and ones using bundles, standard form, unit form, expanded form, and written form. 


    In our fifth book, The Cloud Book, we will be creating a cloud book that will provide descriptions of the main types of clouds and what each cloud can provide in terms of weather forecasting. 

    We are also practicing answering questions based on texts read by using text evidence, working on our computer program iRead, learning new phonics skills and strenghtening our phonemic awareness! 

    Social Studies:

    In our second unit of study we focus on People, Places, and Nature. We will focus on map and globe skills, earths physical features (landforms & bodies of water), and urban, rural, and suburban living. 

    We continue to learn about growth mindset and the power of yet. 


    Our first unit of study is Pebbles, Sand, & Silt. We will work on studying sand, silt, and clay. We will observe what happens when these types of rocks and mixed with water.