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    Select Choir/Vocal Club 2019-2020
    Essex Pride 2020
    Essex Pride 2020- Bhombela
    Board Presentation February 25th, OPA Auditorium
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    Our vocal club students are from grades 4-7. We prepare music that is a bit more challenging than that which we prepare in music class, and it is strictly ours. This is our advanced performance ensemble. In 2018-2019 we performed at- Caroling at the White House Nursing Home, Winter Concert, Essex Pride at Livingston Mall, High Note Music Festival, Spring Concert, American Young Voices, Gr. 7 graduation. Last year many of our performances were cancelled, as were all performing groups in the state and our country.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that this year things open up and we can participate in those great programs again.
    Membership in Vocal Club is by audition. Speak to Mrs. Mir if you missed auditions.
    Review your solfege and then go to the first practice video Lesson One.
    First:  Why solfege? Solfege syllables help students with reading music, developing perfect pitch and composing music. ... Most importantly for singers is  developing a perfect pitch. It is a musical skill that teaches a particular note with it's name, connecting it to a hearing brain, voice and then playing or singing. The process of singing and internalizing the musical pitch is crucial! Does that make sense? Well, I promise you that if you practice, it all starts to come together!!
    Practice your hand signs slowly and at your own pace, then and only then you should go to the video, otherwise you'll just get
    frustrated and give up. Never give up!
    cur wen
     First Attempts at Canon Singing  Vocal Club 11/15/19
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