• Entering and Exiting the Classroom:

    • Students will enter and exit the classroom quietly.
    • Students will walk when entering and exiting the classroom.
    • When entering, students will go to their seats, take out materials, and start working on the Do Now.
    • At the end of the period, students should not pack up prior to the bell. 

    Being Tardy to Class:

    • If a student is late to class, they will enter the classroom quietly and write your name, date, and the time you came into class on the Running Late Clipboard located at the Student Center.
    • They will then go to their seat, take out all materials, and complete the Do Now.
    • If you are late more than THREE times, you will receive an after school detention.

    Moving Around the Classroom:

    • Students must ask permission to get up from their seat.
    • Students may sharpen their pencil as long as I am not instructing the class.
    • If students need a break, they just have to let me know : )
    • Movement breaks will be built into the class period when necessary. 

    Finishing Work Early:
    If students finish their work early, they may do the following

    • Finish any work they need to complete (projects, unfinished classwork, homework missed, center work)
    • Read a Newsela Article and complete a quiz (extra credit)
    • Free write in writing notebook
    • Vocabulary and Spelling City
    • Read independently

    Leaving the Classroom:

    • The “1 at a time” rule will apply for the bathroom. 
    • Students will need to sign in and out on the BRB Clipboard at the Student Center. They must include your name, date, and time they leave and come back. They will also need to take a pass with them.
    • Students will only be able to leave the room during the start of the day, transitions between class periods, centers, independent work, and at the end of the day (with the exception of emergencies). 
    • Students cannot leave during direct instruction and the first and last ten minutes of class.

    Handing in Assignments:

    • Homework: To be placed in the correct subject bin at the start of the day. 
    • Classwork: I will either have the Collector collect it, or I will instruct the class to place it in the subject bin.
    • Quizzes/ Tests: The Collector will come around and collect quizzes/or tests, and place in Ms. Morris’s Mailbox located on my desk. 
    • Notes from Home or Permission Slips: To be placed in Ms. Morris’s Mailbox at the start of the day.

    Checking Out a Book the Classroom Library (AKA Ms. Morris's Book Nook)

    • Students will use the Library Book Check Out/In Binder located on the desk in front of the board.
    • They will look for the BOOK # and TITLE they wish to take out.
    • Students will write their name and the date they are taking out the book.
    • To return a book, they will place it in the Book Return Bin on the same desk AND write their name and the date they returned it in the binder.
    • Students can only take out ONE book at a time. Books should be returned after 2 WEEKS
    • Taking out/ or returning books will happen at the start and end of the day.

    Teacher Office Hours: Wednesdays after school, lunch, or 7:30 to 8:15 am (by appointment)