• Classroom Expectations:

    • Always do your best
    • Work hard
    • Show respect to others
    • Come ready to learn

    Classroom Rules: (TBT by the class at the start of the school year)

    Topics Posted: https://www.engageny.org/resource/grade-8-english-language-arts 


    • 1st: Warning
    • 2nd: Hallway chat and fill out Behavior Reflection Sheet
    • 3rd: No tickets will be given out for the period and parent/ or guardian contacted
    • 4th: Sent to Vice Principal’s office

    Technology Policies:

    • Students must be connected to the school WiFi at all times.
    • A sign will be posted on the board when we are using Chromebooks.
    • No cell phones are allowed. This is a school-wide policy.


    • ALL homework will be posted in Google Classroom. 
    • Students will retrieve work from the day or days you missed located in the What’d I Miss? Bin at the Student Center.
    • They will have three days to turn in any assignments missed. (and yes, there are exceptions…)
    • Students should see me if they have a question about the work, or need assistance with it.

    Grading Policy:

    • 25%: Tests (may include end of chapter assessment, unit, content District assessments.) 
    • 20%: Quizzes (short assessments of targeted learning objectives.)
    • 20%: Classwork and Participation 
    • 25%: Authentic Assessments (portfolios, performance assessments, exhibitions, research, projects, summer journals, essays, book reports, speeches, 21st Century real-world experiences…)  
    • 10%: Homework (including interim checkpoints for long term projects, i.e. essays, research, and independent reading).