SUMMER 2020



    Summer is finally here! And wow! We all made it through a trying time that none of us expected.  But we did it and we are stronger for it!! Now it's time to rest and relax but also to ensure your child is healthy!

    Still remember to wear your masks if you cant social distance. 

    Always remember to apply sunscreen whenever you and your child will be outside, even for short periods of time. 

    Always remember to hydrate...drink lots of water!  Water is the best way to hydrate.  Juices and sodas have a lot of sugar that actually make you thirstier. 

    Always make sure you are watching your children around pools, lakes, ocean.   

     And dont forget to make sure you have all your papers in to the Nurses for the beginning of school!!

    We are asking that all documentation be in by

    August 14, 2020( We will inform you at a later date how or where to drop off documents for in-district schools--OECC, Scholars, Oakwood, Heywood, Forest, or Rosa Parks, or to your prospective school for the private providers--Blessed Hope, Valley Settlement House, Norjenes, MCDC or West Orange Community House).  Your child will not be able to start school in September if all their documentation is not complete.


    Have a safe and healthy summer!  Looking forward to seeing you in September!!