• Orange High School

    Syllabus: Physics 2019

    Instructor: Mr. Doiny




    This course presents an introduction to the field of Physics.  The physics curriculum includes interactions of matter and energy, velocity, accelerations, force, energy, momentum and charge.  Students will be challenged to apply their knowledge of the laws of physics to solve physics related critical thinking problems.



    Physics Principles and Problems, Glencoe Science 2005



    Authentic Assessments  – 25%

    Tests  – 25%

    Quizzes  – 20%

    Class work  – 10%

    Homework  – 20%


     Make-Up Policy:

    Homework is due at the beginning of the period the class after it is assigned.

    Assignments are expected at the beginning of class the day they are due.

    Students are expected to turn in their assignments ON TIME. Late homework will not be accepted. 

    Students who have been absent for an excused reason can get their work in Google classroom.

    A hardcopy (paper) solution of homework and assignments must be handed in to the teacher,

    electronic submissions in google classroom are not accepted and will not be marked.

    Any student who misses class is responsible for obtaining the assignments and other important information

    from the teacher. Lab work can only be made up before school at 7:30 within the following 2 days after the

    activity ( Prior arrangements are required ).

     Any student who misses a test, quiz, or other work due to an excused absence must make up that work immediately after their return to school. A student who does not make up his/her works as scheduled will be subject to a failing grade for that work.


    Test Corrections / Retest Policy :

     If a student wishes to retake any test or quiz he/she has to let the teacher know immediately during the period when he/she is taking the test/quiz whether he wants the test to be considered or dropped and he can do it again once. All retests are closed book. The retest has to be taken within three days from when the original test was done.  You must abide by the teachers behavior norms for test taking and if you do not, the consequence is losing the privilege of taking the retest.


    Homework help

    Tuesday 7:30 - 8:10

    Wednesday 7:30 - 8:10

    Thursday 7:30 - 8:10

    Friday 7:30 - 8:10



     Classroom Rules of Conduct: Students are required to bring all necessary and required materials and

     a positive attitude to the class. Follow directions the first time they are given. Be in the assigned seat and

     ready to work before the tardy bell rings. Refrain from using vulgar language. If you come late to class,

     you must have a pass. No food, gum, beverages, makeup, i-pods, phones or  headphones are permitted

     inside the  classroom. All cell phones should be turned off before entering the classroom and kept in the

     bags and not outside on the desk, in your hand or pockets. Disciplinary action will be taken if students fail

     to abide by the classroom rules of conduct.



     Academic Dishonesty Policy: All students will follow the policy as stated in the Student Handbook.



     Requirements to receive Credit: More than 18 unexcused absences will result in loss of credit. Refer

     to the Student Handbook for  more details.



    Unit 1 – A physics toolkit

    Unit 2- Representing motion

    Unit 3 – Accelerated motion

    Unit 4 – Forces in one dimention

    Unit 5 – Forces in two dimensions

    Unit 6 – Motion in two dimensions

    Unit 7 – Gravitation

    Unit 8 – Rotational motion

    Unit 9 – Momentum

    Unit 10 – Energy, work and machines

    Unit 11- Conservation of Energy

    Unit 12 – Thermal Energy

    Unit 13 – States of Matter

    Unit 14 – Waves

    Unit 15 – Sound

    Unit 16 – Fundamentals of light

    Unit 17 – Reflection and mirrors

    Unit 18 – Refraction and lenses

    Unit 19 – Interference and diffraction

    Unit 20 – Static Electricity

    Unit 21 – Electric fields

    Unit 22 – Current Electricity

    Unit 23 – Series and parallel circuits

    Unit 24 – Magnetic fields

    Unit 25 – Electromagnetic induction

    Unit 26- Electromagnetism

    Unit 27 – Quantum Physics

    Unit 28 – The Atom

    Unit 29 – Solid state electronics

    Unit 30 – Nuclear physics