• March is National Nutrition Month

    For the month of March, every Monday or Thursday, Nurse DeFalco was in the classrooms with the children @ OECC. 

    The children and staff all wore the color of the day, and along with Montclair State University Dietetics students we taught the children about variety,

    anytime foods vs. sometimes foods, healthy snacks and why eating fruits and vegetables are good for us. 

    They had lots of fun and they got to taste a different fruit or vegetable each week. 

     blue-DaSilva          blue-Sumter  

                  Blue/Purple Day in Ms DaSilva's class                                  Blue/Purple Day in Ms Sumter's class

     blue-Gavilanez                                     fruits vegs                                              

       Blue/Purple Day in Ms Gavilanez' class

    Green-Andress        Green-Unger    

                     Green Day in Ms Andress'                                                   Green Day in Ms Unger's


                     Orange Day in Ms Andress'