• Homework is given for the weekly phonics list every Monday-Friday.  Below is the menu students can use to choose which activity they would like to do each night.  The list of words is also provided.


    Second Grade Spelling Menu

    For your Spelling Homework, choose one of the activities below to practice your spelling words each night.






    Train Words

    Write your words in different colors one right after another to make a train. Draw a box around each word and give it wheels!

    Words within Words

    Write each spelling word and then write at least two words that can be made from that word.

    Ex: catch: cat, hat

    Least to greatest

    Write your spelling words from the shortest word to the longest word





    Staircase Spelling

    Step spelling for each word






           Clap it Out


     Write each of your words. Next to the word write the number of syllables it has.

    Super Sentences


    Write a sentence for each of the spelling words.  Be sure to underline or highlight the spelling words.




    Vowels & Consonants

    Rewrite your spelling words, writing consonants in blue and vowels in red

    Rhyme Time

    Write each spelling word, then write a rhyming word next to each

    Rainbow Words

    Use 3 different color crayons to write each spelling word





    Outstanding Words

    Write your words 3 times each in your most OUTSTANDING handwriting

    ABC Order

    Write out your spelling words once as given and then once in alphabetical order



    Spell Me A Story

    Write an original story using most of your spelling words.  Underline or highlight spelling words.


    Second Grade Weekly Spelling List

    Week of 12/3/18


           The following is a list of the spelling words that your child will be learning in school.  This week we will be focusing on words with ending –ge or -dge sounds. Please make sure to practice at home!    


    1. page        judge
    2. huge        dodge
    3. range        badge
    4. large        fridge
    5. stage        strange
    6. edge        bridge


    Spelling Homework:

    Please follow the attached spelling menu for the homework choices for each night.  Students should complete only 1 choice from each row in their Spelling notebook.


    **Our weekly quiz will be given on

    Friday, December 7, 2018 on Spelling City**