K2 Gr. 1 Spring Kites 

    What is a quarter note? What is a half note?  These abstract concepts are the beginning of the music language and for children to be able to read and 'speak' that music. Young students understand this so quickly, and can compose little rhythmic sentences. This skill, if training continues, leads to the ability to compose music and perform it either vocally or insrumentally.

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    spr    SPRING Songs! FL


    Puff the Magic Dragon 

    Over in the Meadow





    p1   Fall/Winter 2018p2  

                                All Grade 1 and Gr. 2, Mr. Cushing's Class


    For the Winter Concert we are singing Blitzen's Boogie! Please listen to our song and review the words.  Remember, for some reason we start yelling when we add the movements instead of singing....don't do that! 


    Blitzen's Boogie

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