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    Videos I love!


    Yes, this is the same kind of recorder we play at school!  HERE 

    HERE  You will find the most amazing recorder playing WHILE beatboxing!!



    Amazing Performances from children!

    Don't miss Noah Gray Cabey!!  Here

    This four year old plays the piano quite well HERE

    Umi Garrett plays piano for Ellen Degeneres Here

    Wonderful Mariachi singer, Alandra Santos Here

    My beautiful student from long ago Autumn Turner singing Last Dance and killing it on The Voice HERE

    The REO Brothers know how to sing in harmony, and they prove it by singing this Beatles tune You're Gonna Lose That Girl HERE, Michelle HERE, they sing the Bee Gees' song Too Much Heaven HERE, as well as the Beach Boys I Get Around HERE.  Siblings always sing the sweetest harmonies as the voices are so alike, but these guys are great, not to mention exceptional instrumentalists too!  




Last Modified on February 8, 2021