• 4th Grade Social Studies / Ms. Sulejmanovski



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    Email: Sulejmay@orange.K12.nj.us


    1.     Grading Policy

        Authentic Assessments 25%

        Tests 25%

        Quiz 20%

        Classwork 20%

        Homework 10%


    1. Homework
    • Homework will be given multiple times during the week. It will most likely be an extension to our current lesson or an introduction to our upcoming lesson.
    • Homework is due on the date given. Any assignment handed in after the due date will receive a deduction of five points for each day it is late.
    • Current events will be assigned at the beginning of each week and will be due at the end of the week either Thursday or Friday depending on your child's schedule for the week.
    • Projects will be assigned towards the end of each unit and will be started in class.


    1. Unit 1: The Geography of New Jersey

        At the end of this unit students will understand the following:


    • The climate and physical features of New Jersey affect the way its people work and live.
    • In NJ, there are several distinct regions, each with its own culture, resources, politics , and geography.
    • The people of NJ have made choices about how to use the state’s unique natural resources.
    • Human interaction has affected the environment in NJ and the United States. Actions have been taken to address environmental concerns.


    Unit 2: Early Peoples




    At the end of this unit students will understand the following:


    • Why people leave their homelands and resettle elsewhere for many reasons
    • When groups settle in an area, they bring new ideas and ways of life.
    • The arrival of new groups to an area can lead to conflict.


    1. Resources


    • My World Social Studies New Jersey by Pearson
    • Please see a list of available resources/ websites on my teacher homepage