• Homework

    Alternative homework assignment for students who left homework or struggling to understand:

    Complete 30 minutes of spellingcity.com, read one article from newsela and be prepared to discuss it. 

    (I can see from my end who logs on)

    March, 2020

    Week of 3/9

    Pg. 173

    Week of 3/2

    Pgs 165 & 169

    Study for quiz, Unit 4, Lesson #3

    February 2020

    Week of 2/24

    Pg. 161, 

    Vocabulary on pg. 158 (Write the words and definition)


    Week of 2/10

    Study for Chapter 4 test on Thurs/Fri

    Week of 2/3

    Pgs. 153 & 155

    Test review: Chapter 4, Lessons 1 & 2 (Branches of government) week of 2/10

    January 2020

    Week of 1/29/20

    Pgs: 43, 45 & 47

    Week of 1/22/20

    Pg. 129, Test Review  (Chapter 3, Lessons 4-6)

    Test Review handout

    Week of 1/13/2019

    French and Indian War  handout

    Boston Tea Party handout

    Week of 1/6/2019

    Complete paragraph or essay on people who came to settle in the colonies.

    Handout Early English Communities

    Lesson #6 Vocabulary Words pg. 124 (Write the words and definitions/Practice vocabulary using spellingcity)



    Week of 12/16

    Pg. 121 & 123

    Answer questions: French explorers

    Week of 12/9

    Pg. 114, 117

    French explorers (Mrs. Devose, Ms Assia & Ms Taylor) reading response in lieu of pgs 114 & 117 French Explorer Reading Response

    Week of 12/2

    Page 101 & 111

    Early explorers reading response


    Week of 11/25

    Read article and answer questions.

    Article title: Christopher Columbus didn't discover the New Word; he rediscovered it.

    Click on this Link .

    This article is also available on newsela.  Check your binder.

    Week of 11/18

    Complete project (invention)

    Read about the Lenni Lenape and complete questions

    See Lenape Questions and Lenape handout

    Week of 11/11

    Chapter 3, Lesson #1:  Write the meaning of the vocabulary words from the lesson in your notebook or complete handout.

    Timeline - Complete timeline

    Pg. 93 or spellingcity.com (30 minutes)

    Week of 11/4

    Invention Project (Click link for template)



     Week of 10/28

    Pg. 51, Pgs. 36-37, Pg. 61

    Assignment during the break:  

    Build,create or sketch(draw) a product you want to make and/or sell. Describe what the product does and/or how it can help people (or describe its benefit).


    Week of 10/21

    SSH00, SSH01, SSH06-SSH07 

    Pg. 30 

    Pg. 48


    Week of 10/14

    Study vocabulary words and meanings from lessons 1-3.

    Chapter test will be on Thurs/Friday.  The non vocabulary portion will be open book and will not require a review guide.


    Week of 10/7

    Workbook pages 23 & 25

    Complete any incomplete classwork


    Week of 9/30

    Students are working on ecosystem dioramas and will need to bring their supplies for Tuesday-Friday.

    Tuesday/Wednesday: Pg. 18/19

    Thurs/Friday: Vocabulary- Lesson #3

    Students should write the vocabulary words and their definitions in their notebooks. 

    Vocabulary Words: Agricultural region, industrial region, renewable resource, nonrenewable resource, conserve, erosion and recycle.

    Recommended:  Spellingcity.com (Chapter 1, Lesson #3)



    Agricultural region: a place where ther is much flat land and rich soil. 

    Week of 9/23

    Monday/Tuesday: Pg. 9 & Study for quiz- see study guide (Chapter 1, lesson #1)

    Wednesday/Thursday: Pg. 14 & 17 

    Friday/Monday: document based writing research (National Park)- Please do not start until after class on Friday (St.Fort, Miller and Tynes homerooms) and Monday (Devose, Assia and Taylor homerooms).

    Week of 9/16

    -Students should read pages 0-7.

    -Write vocabulary words and the definitions from the lesson in their notebooks.  (continent, landform, mine & adobe).

    Recommend:  Practice vocabulary on spellcity.com (username: student's lunch #, password: student's lunch number).


    Textbook page 7: Students should be able to identify only the states in the Northeast for now.

    Recommend: https://online.seterra.com/en/vgp/3003