•  Introduction to Music Course Syllabus

    Orange High School – Introduction to Music

    Instructor: Mr. Jonathan Clerie

    Email: cleriejo@orange.k12.nj.us


    Course Description: Welcome to Intro to Music!  Please be advised that this IS NOT a performance-based class such as band or chorus.  The course is academically based and is built largely upon individual and group assignments and projects.  You will be required to have a notebook specifically for this class and you must know how to use Google Drive and Google Classroom.


    Intro to Music offers you the opportunity to explore how music fits into society and your world both as a listener and creator.  You will learn about the language of music and how it is built and composed as well as the different genres and historical periods.  You will learn about different ways of composing and writing music and have the chance to record your own musical compositions.


    The most important part of this course is your thoughts, opinions, and ideas about music.  The goal of Intro to Music is to get you talking and writing about music in an articulate and detailed manner as well as developing your listening skills to compare and contrast all the music you encounter; in essence, teach you how to be a smart listener.


    Required materials:

    Pen or pencil

    Google Drive login

    Headphones/earbuds (if you have your own)



    Throughout the semester, you will learn a few rudiments. This will require the use of drum pads and drumsticks. Anyone who uses the drum pads and/or drumsticks as a weapon will automatically receive an “F” on their report card as a final grade. No Exceptions!


    Class Rules

    Be on time

    Be respectful

    No foul/inappropriate language

    Raise your hand if you have a question

    No eating or drinking in class*

    No yelling

    Complete work and submit it on time

    No Judgments!

    Keep an open mind


    Topics of Discussion

    1. Course Introduction
    2. I-V-vi-IV Chord Progression
    3. Blast! (Music Analysis)
    4. Musical Instruments
    5. Piano Vs. Keyboard
    6. Glass Harp
    7. Note Tree
    8. Counting Rhythms
    9. Modern Music

                - Trap Music

                - Hip Hop

                - Rap

                - E.D.M.

                - Reggae

    1. Music Associated to Dance



    Participation grade (Markers for Success, rubric scored)


    Homework (this includes projects done over the course of a few class periods)



    Authentic assessments (presentations, compositions, podcasts, recordings)


    • Most work will be submitted through Google Classroom and Google Drive
    • All work will automatically lose 20% of the earned grade if handed in more than 1 week late.