• Orange High School

    Mighty Marching Tornadoes Band


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    The Orange High School Mighty Marching Tornadoes Band follows after the high-step, high-energy, crowd-pleasing, intense style of marching. This style is better known as "show-style" marching. When combined with the strong sound of a full marching band, the "show style" approach helps create field shows that bring crowds/audiences to their feet. High-step marching is more challenging than other styles, requiring more effort by the marcher.  The musician needs to not only play their instrument well but needs to be able to lift their knees on every step and make sharp, precise turns.  It is a very athletic form of marching and the musicians get in great shape. While it requires more effort, it is much more exciting for the audience. The Orange High School Mighty Marching Tornadoes Band or OHS MMT loves exciting the crowd and tend to never disappoint. Their motto is to go "Back to the B.A.S.I.C.S," Balance Articulation Studies Intensity Character and Stamina and to always perform with Orange High "P.R.I.D.E," Perfection Repetition Intensity Determination and Endurance.