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    Grades 6 & 7-

    Waving Through a Window

    Please take time to listen, this is weekly homework for all!  Get familiar with the score.

    1.  Watch HERE, Spanish subtitles.

    2.  Watch the scene with crazy skip ending :)  HERE.

    3.  JW Pepper Choral Arrangement- HERE  (What we are doing.)


    Grades 4 & 5 -

    The Power of One

    1.  Young American Voices Version HERE


    Vocal Club-

    Why We Sing

    1.  JW Pepper Version -  HERE


    Gr. 3


    1.  Youtube, choir performance of Ajuba HERE


    Gr. Pre-K - Kindergarten

    La Paloma Se Fue

    1. Youtube choir performance of La Paloma Se Fue HERE

    2. Here's a fun version of La Paloma, click HERE!



Last Modified on February 8, 2021