Module 2A



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Module 2A

Module 2A Overview:

In this module, students will use literacy skills to become experts —people who use reading, writing, listening, and speaking to build and share deep knowledge about a topic. (This focus on research intentionally builds on Module 1, in which students explored the superpowers of reading.) The module will begin with a class study of the bullfrog, an example of a “true frog,” that exhibits quintessentially froggy characteristics. In Unit 2, students will form research groups to become experts on various “freaky” frogs —frogs that push the boundaries of “frogginess”with unusual adaptations that help them to survive in extreme environments throughout the world. Students will build their reading, research, writing, and collabora tive discussion skills through studying their expert frog. Throughout the module, students will consistently reflect on the role of literacy in building and sharing expertise. Students will demonstrate their expertise through a “freaky frog trading card” —a research-based narrative that highlights their research and educates others about the amazing diversity of frogs, with a focus on how their freaky frog survives.