• January 24-28, 2022

    WL7: Homework : Review the verb "Aimer" in Present Tense (Affirmative and Negative Form)

    To complete:
    Page 12 : Vocabulary words. Write at least 2 sentences.
    Page 14  Verb to Practice :"Regarder"; Regarder la télé
    Write only 2 sentences.
    Leçon 5- To take, School objects, Colors. page 17 to do.
    Bon travail et Bonne semaine.


    Practice the verb "Avoir"/To Have and "Etre"/To be in Present Tense (1st,2nd and 3rd person singular)

    Complete the WH questions : Qui a Quoi (Who has What ? on page 24.


    Review the days of the week, the months and the seasons as well as numbers from 1-Un to 30-Trente.

    Page 19 # 12-15 Application des verbes : Aimer, Jouer, Regarder et Manger.



    Students will make a list of regular verbs they have learned as of today.

    Students will review lessons 1-4 and make sure that at least 2 sentences are completed per lesson.

    Listen to the videos posted on Google Classroom to enhance their listening and speaking skills.


    Complete the assignment on "Mon Anniversaire"/My Birthday .


    December 6-10

     WL3-4 No Homework Only Practice the days of the week, Months and Seasons in French.

    WL7: Negative form of "Aimer" /To like; to Love (1st-2nd and 3rd person singular).

    Past Tense of "Aller"/To go (1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular)


    Week October 25-29


    Write 2 sentences on lesson 2 and illustrate each sentences.


    Write the following numbers in word form:

    10- 5- 8-12-20


    Conjugate in Present Tense 1st, 2nd and 3rd person singular the following verbs: Regarder, Jouer, Parler. (Follow the sample given for Aimer in Present Tense).

    Exit ticket from last week will be graded as Homework: 

    Write a positive note to a friend using at least two adjectives to congratulate him/her.


    Week October 3rd-October 8:

    WL 3-4

    Review the color and practice noun adjective agreement: La maison Verte, La robe bleue.

    WL 4 (only) : Activity book Lesson 8: Colors and Counting

    Rouge, Bleu, Vert, Jaune

    Numbers: 1-Un- 10 dix.

    WL5: Listen to the Greetings Video and write 4 Greetings as Homework.

    WL6: Review lesson 1-5 for a Quiz for next Week. (Thursday 6th Grade  Period 5-A up to lesson 3 and Friday 7th Grade 5-A up to lesson 3).

    Also, Complete your assignment for Hispanic Heritage Month and submit your Flipgrid video as well.

    Week September 27-October 1st, 2021

    WL3: Practice the colors in French:Rouge-Bleu-Vert, Orange 

    Complete your lesson 1 (vocabulary words and write 1 sentence.

     WL4: Students please access your google classroom  using your code and follow the steps to access your material and create yourslide on "All about me".

    Review lesson 1 Pets and Playing (just the vocabulary words)

    Write 2 sentences on Chapter 1 if it wasn't done in class.


     WL4- : Review Vocabulary words on Lesson 1 and 2.Rouge-Bleu-Vert, Orange (Ms. Beaghen and Layton)

    WL4 : Mr. Osborne's Class- Practice the colors in French : Rouge-Bleu-Vert, Orange.

      WL5: Practice the verbs To Have/Avoir in Present Tense, Imperfect and Future ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd person sing)

              Review your account on Google Drawing for different leisure activities. (4th grade)


    WL6-7: Count from 0 Zero to 50 in standard and word form/Comptez de 0 Zéro à 50 (En chiffres et en lettres)

    Lesson 1 3 7-8

             Practice the verbs To Have/Avoir in Present Tense, Imperfect and Future ( 1st, 2nd and 3rd person sing and plural)